Nobody handed fame to me so they can’t take it – Delay sends stern warning

Radio show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso widely known as Delay says nobody can touch her solid brand.

According to the media personality, she worked her way through the media to be where she is today.

Delay said this while speaking about her past struggles and success story.

She disclosed that it wasn’t a smooth journey. She went off track a couple of times but got back on course.

Delay noted she’s been a morning show host and a sports presenter before she pursued the Delay brand.

Delay revealed that she purposely chased her brand when she came to Accra and saw there was too much competition in the media among English-speaking presenters.

She decided to be different from the rest and that is why she has survived to date.

She went on to say that only God can dim her light. In other words, only God can take her fame because she worked hard for it, and she earned it by merit!