“No one pays bride price abroad, stop selling your daughters into marital slavery” – Mr. Logic

Entertainment critic, Emmanuel Barnes widely known as Mr. Logic has advised parents who have intended to give their daughters’ hand in marriage to Whites.

According to him, the culture of the Whites is different from Africans and no one pays bride price before marrying a woman.

In a social media post sighted by our outfit, the controversial entertainment pundit stressed that parents who allow their daughters to marry abroad are only selling them into marital slavery.

“NOBODY pays bride price abroad “
Stop selling your DAUGTHERS into marital slavery ✅,” he wrote.

The bride price list is an integral part of the traditional marriage ceremony, commonly referred to as engagement ceremony in Ghana.

The foundational essence of the bride price was for the suitor to pay a somewhat hefty amount to the bride’s family before the bride is given away to the suitor, as it symbolizes how valuable the bride is, to her family.

This serves to first of all ensure that the suitor is a hardworking man, as one would need to wo to be able to afford to marry and hence take care of a family.

Secondly, the amount spent on the list makes it difficult for a couple to easily opt for divorce, as by custom, the items paid by the suitor on the list are supposed to be returned by the bride’s family should divorce ensue.

The bride price is thus very important, not necessarily for its monetary value but for its significance in a traditional Ghanaian marriage.

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