No money but you’re chilling in Kwahu – Afia Pokuaa to Ghanaians

Renowned broadcast journalist, Afia Pokuaa widely known as Vim Lady has quizzed ‘hypocritical’ Ghanaians who claim things are hard in the country yet storm Kwahu to celebrate and enjoy Easter.

According to her, she finds it difficult to understand how Ghanaians raised huge monies to travel to Kwahu to ‘chill’ and have fun after complaining that they’re broke as a result of the economic hardship in the country.

Writing on social media, Vim Lady wondered how chilling in Kwahu is possible with money. “Eiiii Ghanaians, “no money”, “no money” but see the chilling you are chilling in Kwahu,” she wrote.

Social media users have shared their opinions on her comments with a section agreeing with her that the economy is not truly hard as they claim. Others stressed that few or well-to-do Ghanaians trooping to Kwahu to have fun do not nullify the hardship Ghanaians complain about.