No Volta Region chief wants to attend Rawlings funeral -Anita De Sosoo reveals

No Volta Region chief wants to attend Rawlings funeral, Anita De Sosoo has revealed in an interview.

Anita De Sosoo continues to be making some new revelations about the funeral rites of the former president Jerry John Rawlings.

For all we know, JJ as popularly called was always proud of his hometown and his tribe as an Ewe.

Anita De Sosoo is a Ghanaian politician and the National Women’s Organiser of the National Democratic Congress and a former member of the National Disaster Management Organization. Anita De Sosoo gained popularity when as a panelist on Adom FM she stated that magical dwarfs were responsible for the poor economy of Ghana.

No Volta Region chief wants to attend Rawlings funeral -Anita De Sosoo reveals
Anita De Sosoo

In a new interview held on Adom FM, Anita once again mentioned that the wife of the former president, Konadu Rawlings greatly disrespected the chiefs from the Volta Region.

She added that her behaviour made them decide not to attend his funeral.

She was heard saying

“We have left the funeral for Nana Konadu. You will realize that the Ewe Chiefs have decided not to get involved because they were disrespected. They were supposed to have organized meetings. The traditional leaders should have come there and there will be traditional display under the funeral of the late former President,” she said.

She continued: “Nana Konadu is just a wife, the ewe people are supposed to be leading this funeral and directing her as to what is supposed to be done. But she has disregarded the family and is doing what she wants.”

Have a look at the video below.