Nigerian pastor ask members to come for their tithe

Deeper Life founder produces his new version of the Bible

Nigerian pastor ask members to come for their tithe because he doesn’t need them.

Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has vowed to return tithes and offerings of any of his members who goes against God’s commandments.

He said anyone who is a sinner and keeps paying tithes and offerings in the church is simply wasting the money because the church will return it back to them.

“if you are a sinner here, God does not need your money. All the money you are giving in this church does not get to God.

You are just wasting your money. As a matter of fact if I know the numbers of sinners here and how much they gave as tithes and offering I will remove it and give it back to them. God does not need it and the church does not need it.”

Deeper Christian Life Ministry is a Pentecostal Christian denomination with its international headquarters, Deeper Life Bible Church Lagos, in Lagos.