Nigerian boy caught stealing in Ghana made to clean gutter & fed well

In Ghana, a thief identified as Aliyu John has been severely dealt with by residents of a neighborhood he went to steal from.

The thief said to be a Nigerian was caught stealing a phone at Akotolane in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

After he was dealt with by the shop owner and residents around, he was given food to eat and to seal the game beautifully, they gave him a beautiful girlfriend to be with.

Meanwhile, before they did all these goodies to him, he was made to distill a dirty gutter with his bare hands after which he was given the food to eat.

He was also made to bath and they changed his clothes for him.

The thief was treated like a king even though he did something that society frowns on.

He was given four balls of banku with fish and he finished it all, a sign to indicate that he was starving and was on the verge of death.

Watch the video below;