Nigel Gaisie warns Ghanaians over attack on Sonnie Badu

Nigel Gaisie warns Ghanaians over the attack on Sonnie Badu on social media in the past days.

Over the previous week, Gospel musician, Sonnie Badu was heavily trolled after he posted on social media that he had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry, a Master’s degree in Christian leadership, and a Doctorate in Musicology within a four-month time frame.

According to the major the leader and founder of Prophetic Hill Church he doesn’t know much about all the circumstances surrounding Dr Sonnie Badu’s awards or degree, and he doesn’t want to know but all that he can say is that Ghanaians should love their own, and speak well of their own because nobody is sacredly perfect.

An excerpt of his post read

“I have monitored the media space within these few days and I can boldly say that, as I have always held…GHANAIANS don’t love their own. They hurt with passion to see their own flourish..Dr. Sonnie Badu, I have been observing to see if your *friends*who pride themselves with your reputable brand will come out to your defence or at least write a post of solidarity but I haven’t seen one yet.

Have a look at the full post below.

Nigel Gaisie warns Ghanaians