Nigel Gaisie exposes himself as he tells traits of fake prophets [WATCH]

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has revealed some traits of fake men of God and how he is one of them.

The well-known man of God was spotted in a throwback interview detailing how to distinguish between a true man of God and a fake one. Speaking in the interview monitored by, Prophet Nigel mentioned that any man of God who sells miracle items in church and also asks for a consultation fee before allowing members to see him is not a genuine Prophet of God.

According to the NDC tagged Prophet, the selling of holy water and other miracle items by pastors is a way of extorting money from innocent souls.

He stated emphatically that all these prophets who go to church to preach about their wives, wealth, dresses, sell miracle items and not salvation are all fake men of God.

Later in the video, Prophet Nigel who was earlier spotted mentioning some traits of these fake men of God was seen doing the exact thing he preached against.

This has made many Ghanaians to believe that he is also one of the fake prophets in this country.

Watch the video below;