Netizens react to photo of SHS students served ‘gari jollof’ 

A viral photo that has caused social media users to react captures moment students of Senior High School (SHS) were served with gari mixed with oil.

Students who used to be fed nutritious meals are now being made to settle for whatever is available due to the shortage of foods in various SHS.

In the photo that popped online, students of an unknown senior high school were being fed ‘gari jollof.

This is a meal where the gari is partially soaked in water and mixed with red oil. Ordinarily, gari jollof must be spiced up with nutrients like meat, fish, or eggs, including vegetables.

None of these were added to the meal. Many have been reacting to the situation and calling on the government to review the free SHS policy in order to adequately feed their students.

Cue commented: this is called Gari Ngo.. this one dey save life pass Gob3 .. jux add hot water den everything makes set plus soup or stew ..your future go be bright

TravisBills wrote: The Fanta cup tho. Complete scam. School feeding program woi!

Jessy wrote: The color powder the Hindu’s uses to celebrate their happy holi

Highest wrote: I thought it was Jollof whilst I was scrolling, I realized the real food when I tapped on it

Buabeng wrote: This food we chop some for xcul when there was shortage of food at school.

Netizens react to photo of SHS students served 'gari jollof'