NDC Ministers To Lose Position In Parliament For Taking Double Salaries Under John Mahama 

Report from the Criminal Investigation Department of Ghana Police Service has taken the seriousness of taking double salaries to a higher level as it is against Section 124(1) of the criminal and other offense Act 1960 (Act 29) as amended in 2012 ( Act 849) section 124 in which is related to the offense of stealing.

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As investigation takes place, a revelation is made that some legislators in Ghana’s Parliament were drawing salaries as members of parliament and also receiving monthly salaries as ministers of state. 

It is alleged some leaders of the opposition National Democratic Congress will be losing their position as some members of John Dramani Mahama’s administrators were ministers or deputy ministers and doubled as members of parliament in which they were receiving salaries between 2012 to 2016. Officers were to choose to take a salary as a minister or a member of parliament in which they failed to do so. 

The National Democratic Congress leaders claimed that it was a salary top-up but through investigation, it is evidence that salaries were taken in two different pay slips from different states in which the monthly salaries payslip was issued by the Parliamentary Service Board and the Controller and Accountant General’s Department respectively. 


Source: adepanews.com