NDC Just Want to Destroy Ghana For They Are Not In Power – Allotey Jacobs

As the importance of teachers cannot be underestimated, so as the importance of learning leading parents to put pressure on their children to work hard in school. 

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Parents have entrusted their children into the hands of teachers for it is believed that when one is well educated, their quality of life and decision-making skills grows and get better. 

It is also known that schooling help students to develop problem-solving skills, critical and logical and also help teach one to make an independent decision. 

The former chairman of the National Democratic Congress of the Central Region, Mr.Allotey Jocobs who is now a social commentator has raised concerns about the education that some teachers in Ghana are giving songs to students in various schools to sing against the good work of the president of Ghana. 

“ Some teachers are training their students to provoke the presidents on the social media…..you see how foreign taboo feeds into that perception.  If he was your father or an elderly man in your family, will you do that? What we are doing, is building a culture of indiscipline. But I am happy the president has patience for it.” Allotey Jacobs. 

According to Allotey Jacobs, all those who are disrespecting the president is to paint the president negative for the opposition party have started their campaign early plus the opposition party is destroying the image of the country for their party is not in power. 

Below is the video: 


Source: adepanews.com