Nana Agradaa sacrifices pregnant woman and a baby every year — Kevin Taylor alleges

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Kevin Taylor has launched a fresh attack on former dubious fetish priestess Nana Agradaa.

The two personalities have been throwing shots at each other on social media for the past few days.

Latest video from the camp of Kevin Taylor has him revealing how Agradaa sacrificed two people to her gods during her ‘sika gari’ era.

Kevin alleged that the former fetish priestess now Evangelist used to sacrifice a pregnant woman and a baby to the gos she was worshipping every year.

He said the cunning woman at a point got tired of it and wanted to stop but was punished and that resulted in instant madness on one of her sons.

Kevin Taylor vowed to bring out pictures of that guy who has run mad as a result of his mother’s disobedience.

Watch the video below;