Nana Agradaa reveals how she saved a!an in Chorkor cells

Evangelist Nana Agradaa has opened how she redeemed a le.sbian in police cell during her arrest and remand.

Agradaa disclosed that her stay in police custody was very impactful on the life of unbelievers.

Sharing her prison experience with her Church members, Agradaa said God used her to convert lesbians in the cells Chorkor where she was held up.

In a video sighted online, she indicated that she believes this was the sole purpose for her arrest.

“God sent me to cells for a purpose. This woman was brought to my cell; she came with another lady and they were lesbians. God used me as a tool to talk to her and she wept. From that moment, she decided to repent.

“Seeing her today, I am sad. Satan thought he was taking her to Chorkor cells, but Jesus said there are some lesbians, so I should go there and preach the word of God to them so they could themselves to Christ,” she disclosed.

According to Evangelist Mama Pat, she was arrested for a reason that had to make sense to the ordinary human.

“God has done a lot. He didn’t let them arrest us for any reasonable purpose. He sent us there to work. If not for her standing here today, I wouldn’t talk about it.

“God didn’t ask me to talk about it for bragging rights. But then when she was bringing money to the altar, God asked me to tell this testimony to the glory of his name,” she added.