Nana Agradaa Pays off Over 200 Widows Health Insurance

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Outspoken Fetish Priestess, Patricia Asiedua, known to be fighting pastors she claims to be fake in their practices not forgetting attacking social media commentators who share their opinion not in favor of her on the social media as she has been trending on for the past months. 

Recently the priestess who is popularly known on social media as Agraa Agraa or Agradaa gave out vehicles as gifts to her workers as they celebrated their annual end-of-year party. Giving out vehicles did not seem to have broken out her accounts as many of her followers were expecting but reported extending her giving to widows and the needy. 

A report from Agradaa charity foundation on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, noted that the Fetish Priestess known to be fighting on social media has registered over 200 widows and children on the national health insurance in Kwahu – Ataaso in Ghana. 

Watching the video, many widows were thankful for her thought in registering them as most did not have the means of having money to pay to register for their health insurance. 

This national health insurance scheme in Ghana was established by the government in approximately 2003 in which is to provide access to fair financial coverage for basic health service to every citizen of Ghana. It is known that the system has been successful and is found to have made Ghana’s health insurance one of the highest in Africa. 

Below is the video: