Nana Agradaa flaunts her daughter to refute Manasseh’s claim that she k!lled her for rituals

Former dubious fetish priestess, Evangelist Nana Agradaa has finally showed off her daughter to debunked claims that she has used her for rituals.

Not long ago, a young man identified as Manasseh dropped serious allegations against Nana Agradaa now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng.

A video of Manassah that went viral had him revealing some shocking secrets about Agradaa’s temple.

According to Manasseh, Nana Agrada killed her own daughter to build the altar in her temple. In addition, Nana Agrada did a lot of rituals on the land where his temple was build.

Manasseh made it clear that, she is going to reveal more secret about Nana Agrada and she is going to make her cry.

Nana Agradaa has finally reacted to all the wild allegations leveled against her by showing of her daughter in live  video to prove that she has not k!lled her as alleged.

Watch the video below;

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