Mzbel mocks Afia Scwhar in new song

Ghanaian songstress, Mzbel has subtly shade Afia Schwarzenegger aka Asibolanga in her yet-to-be-released song .

The song dubbed “Asibolanga” is full of shots fired at her long-time ‘enemy’ Afia Schwarzenegger.

According to Mzbel, it is dedicated to fans of Odii Tonardo, who came up with the name Asibolanga to describe her.

The singer and Afia Schwarzenegger have always been at odds since feeling out some years ago.

Afia Schwar often takes direct shots at Mzbel whilst the singer often goes for subliminal shots.

However, Mzbel has now decided to go nuclear!

She’s taking direct shots at Afia in the single, with the cover art also clearly mocking her large lips.

Fans are ecstatic as they anticipate this new beef.

One netizen reacted; “Chale 😂😂😂 incoming pandemic”