My wife whipped me mercilessly exactly a week after our marriage — Man cries out

A young married man has shared a story of how his wife whipped him like a toddler exactly a week after their wedding.

When we think of domestic violence, we don’t often hear about husbands being abused. It’s usually the wife who is the reported sufferer. Yet, there are many husbands who are the victims of spousal abuse.

When a man is a victim of his wife’s physical abuse he is both shamed by the assaults of his wife and shamed by society for not ‘controlling’ her better. Men are considered ‘wimps’ for letting their wives beat them or for complaining about their wives’ attacks.

With the prospect of being viewed as ‘wimps’ or having the assaults by their wives not believed or minimized by the general public and law enforcement, it’s no wonder few men report their abuse or discuss it openly.

However, a video sighted by has a young married man narrating how his newly wedded wife whipped him mercilessly a week after their marriage.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Akoma FM, he explained that his wife descended on him in bed and whipped him with reasons best known to her.

Watch the video below;