My wife left me to join the biological father of our 15-year-old child – Man sadly recounts

A Ghanaian man identified as Edward has painfully recounted how his wedded wife left him after fifteen (15) years of marriage.

Speaking with Kojo Yankson of JoyNews on the topic “Should paternity tests be mandatory at birth?” said his wife left him after they had a child.

What breaks his heart most is that he found out only after 15 years that he is not the real father of their child.

He added that his wife left him with the child to join the biological father of the child who had relocated to the US after winning a lottery.

“15 years after having our child together, my wife came to me to convince me to send her to America because she will have a better life. I agreed and allowed her to send the child, thinking she will return soon. But I rather received a call from her mother, saying that my wife had relocated to join the real father of the child in the US,” Edward said.

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