My team and I were negligent — Hajia Bintu apologizes for promoting ‘juju cream’

Ghanaian TikTok influencer, Hajia Bintu has finally released a statement apologizing to Ghanaians especially her fans for promoting a ‘juju cream’ that attracts men.

The influencer was roasted on social media yesterday after a video of her marketing a product she believes has the power to attract men when ladies use it on their bodies.

According to the TikTok influencer, when ladies use these products on their foreheads or other parts of their bodies, it will help them get whatever they wanted from men. Some of these products were labeled “F*ck and Stay,” “Do As I Want,” “Love and Stay.”

A lot of social media users including rapper Medikal and Archipalago reacted to the video. Medikal, unlike Archipalago who criticized Bintu for promoting love charms for women, defended the influencer and urged critics to allow the young woman to sell her love charms.

Hajia has finally taken to social media to render an apology for what she termed as an ‘out of line’ advert. The influencer admitted she and her management were negligent in assessing the effects of marketing the said product.

She wrote;

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to all. I promote products for various brands and this time my management team and I, were negligent in accessing the effects of marketing products that a
vendor brought to us. I have no intentions to attract such “out of line” effects on the General Public, myself and my brand. I am sincerely sorry for this act.

My team and I were negligent — Hajia Bintu apologizes for promoting 'juju cream'