A young married woman has shared a sad story on how her younger sister got pregnant with her husband after assisting her to join them abroad.

The married woman whose identity has been concealed from the public revealed in a story she sent to Tima Kumkum that she used to have a guy she dated ten years but the boyfriend left her for another woman.

According to her, she had six abortions with her boyfriend and the only person who was aware was her younger sister who happens to be a nurse. She added that her sister was also the one who supplied her with the drugs to terminate the pregnancies.

After one month of the breakup, she met her current husband who stays abroad but was in Ghana for holiday. She introduced him to her family after six months of dating and a few years later they got married. She then moved abroad to join her husband so that they could make a family.

A few years later, her mother suggested that she should help her younger sister so that she join them. She explained her husband initially objected to her decision but she succeeded in convincing him and her sister moved to abroad to live with them.

The woman furthered that she is married to her husband for five years now and she’s having difficulties in giving birth so her younger sister who joined them is currently pregnant with her husband and the most painful aspect is that, her sister she confided in has revealed to her husband that she had 6 abortions with her former boyfriend that’s why she can not give birth.

The confused married woman later called their mother and told her how her sister is sleeping with her husband and according to her mother, she should leave her husband for the younger sister and her husband is also ready to divorce her.

Listen to her story below;

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