My pastor sl³pt with me during prayers and destroyed my marriage”- Lady cries

In an interview, a woman in her early twenties named Judy describes how her pastor destroyed her marriage in the name of casting out evil spirits. Judy, a mother of two who is currently divorced, tells her heartbreaking story.

In the interview, Judy stated that she married a good man when she was 16 years old. He adored her and provided excellent care for her and her child. She claimed he adored her and catered to all of her needs.

They were Christians who prayed, went to church, paid their tithes, and were devout churchgoers. When her husband was away, she would represent the family. Her pastor preyed on her by falsely claiming that she was possessed by evil spirits and demons that needed to be cast out.

He told her that in order to cast out those evil spirits, she needed deliverance. He promised to anoint her and rub holy oil all over her. As a result, he imposed himself on her.

Judy felt bad and decided to tell her husband about what had happened: how their pastor had slept with Her. When she told her husband about the pastor who raped her in the name of casting out demons, he became enraged and threw her out of the house.

Judy eventually met and married someone who accepted her child. However, after a while, the man became aggressive and began beating her on a regular basis. She divorced her husband and moved back in with her mother.


Judy blames “the pastor” for destroying her happy marriage. She’s a single mother who works odd jobs to make ends meet. She aspires to be financially independent and to open her own shop one day.