‘My own brother tied me with rope and gave me 6 hot rounds’ – Incest woman cries out

A Ghanaian woman identified as Ama Nyarko Abronoma has sadly recounted how her biological brother had s³xual affair with her.

According to Ama Nyarko who hails from Adagya in Oforikrom Municipality, in the Ashanti Region, her brother has slept with her six times.

Speaking in an interview on Oyerapa Afutuo on Thursday, April 21, 2022 she revealed that her brother Yaw Michael proposed to her but she declined because they were brethren in their beliefs.

She went on to say that Michael managed to slept with her one day after she had gone to get her phone in his room, which was in the possession of her brother at that time.

“Yaw Michael, my own brother proposed to me, and I told him that we’re brethren, so I won’t accept his proposal.

He informed me that he is not my brother and that I am not a member of his family, allowing him to date me.

“One day, after I finished taking a bath, Yaw Michael came into my room and inquired as to whether my phone’s battery had died. He took it back to his room to charge it up. After a few minutes, I went to his room to get my phone, and he graciously agreed to let me sleep with him. My resistance failed because he tied me up with rope, rendering me helpless while he had s3x with me.” Ama shared her thoughts with Auntie Naa, the show’s host.

She went on to say that her brother had threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the heinous crime against her.