My mother prepares soup with to!let – Son of viral TikTok couple reveals

El Shaa, the 8-year-old son of ‘mentally challenged’ TikTok couple has revealed in an interview with Kofi TV how his mother prepare soup with ‘poopoo’.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi TV, the little boy disclosed that his mother will ease herself in a bucket and later blend it to prepare soup called “Evil Soup”.

According to the boy, they eat banku with the evil soup prepared with faeces.

He also disclosed in the interview that his parents poisoned and buried his elder brother alive.

El Shaa said his parents poisoned gari soakings for his late elder brother named El Waa to eat and later buried him alive because he was refusing to die.

He furthered that his parents dragged his brother to a pit dug by his own father in their backyard to be buried, he was crying and begging for mercy but his plea fell on deaf ears.

Checkout the video below;


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