My mother is dating & sl££ping with my husband – Woman cries out

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A young Ghanaian lady who recently got married has disclosed to Tima Kumkum that her own biological mother has been dating and sleeping with her husband before and after their marriage.

In a lengthy message she sent to Tima, the lady revealed that she met her husband 6 years ago. Before they tied the knot, she got pregnant and broke the news to her mother but she advised her to terminate it with the claim that it will cause public ridicule with the concerns that a single mother couldn’t raise her daughter morally.

She got pregnant again and this time around, she decided to keep it because they are ready but unfortunately her mother stepped in and threatened to end her life if the daughter insists. He later agreed and aborted the pregnancy and the husband said nothing.

Fortunately, 4 years into the relationship, the husband got a nice job. Therefore, he officially announced his intentions to marry her to the mother. The mother put up the defence that she is a Ewe so she won’t agree with the marriage. She got really confused that after four years and two abortions already, her mom will still say this.

For the love for her husband, she stood against her mom’s will this time around and reported her to her uncles. Eventually, the marriage came in April 2019, just that the mother left before they even exchanged vows.

All was well until 3 days she chanced upon her husband’s old Samsung old. Meanwhile, she dearly needed a spare phone due to the nature of her work. Without thinking twice, she slotted her SIM inside. After setting the phone up, her husband was already using the Whatsapp on it so the messages kept popping. She can’t believe that her own mother that gave birth to her could be that mean.

According to the messages, the mother didn’t want them to give birth because the husband’s attention will shift to his family. As heartbreaking it is, the mother still sleeps with the husband after marriage. There were nude pictures of her in the chats. Shockingly, she prays her daughter dies so she takes charge fully.

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