‘My marriage collapsed after my wife slept nak£d behind my in-law’ – Man narrates

An old Ghanaian man identified as Agya Wusu has opened up on how his marriage hit the rocks after he found his wife resting n@ked behind her mother one night.

Agya Wusu made this know while speaking in an interview on Oyerepa Afutuo on Tuesday, April 29,2022.

Mr. Wusu revealed that he was living with his wife, Jamila and everything was going on well until his mother-in-law visited them.

He narrated that, on the third day of Jamila’s mother’s visit, he and his wife went out to a pub and returned late in the night. Although the wife didn’t drink any alcoholic beverage, the next morning he found Jamila lying naked behind her mother.

“My mother in-law came for a visit. Three days later, my wife and I we went out to a pub to listen to some music. We returned home very late. We’re in the same room but the next day I found her lying behind her mother.I don’t know how she got there.”

Agya Wusu explained that, ever since that incident happened, their happy marriage went into severe crisis. They faced uncountable troubles. And as of now the marriage has broken down.

“Ever since that case happened, we encountered several issues. As of now our marriage has collapsed.” Agya Wusu told Auntie Naa, host of the show.