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“My life is under attack and I can’t go out” — Black Sherif

Fast-rising Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif has opened up about the attacks on him and his career.

According to him, his rise to fame has come with severe attacks on his life and career.

He implied that people are constantly looking for him with the intent of bringing him down or physically attacking him.

Speaking on the concept of the new Soja track, Black Sherif said the song detailed the ups and downs he has been going through since he rose to the limelight.

My life is like a movie. People are searching for me. People want to attack me. “Now, I can’t even step out,” he said on the Instagram live session.

Black Sherif also added that the only time he goes out is when he is sure about his safety and has gotten his personal security in check.

The “Kweku The Traveller” hitmaker added that it took him only about 30 minutes to write the Soja track. He also added that he usually writes his songs spontaneously and it takes him little time to get them track-ready.

Black Sherif said his maiden album “The Villian I Never Was” has a plethora of musical genres amalgamated into an iconic piece.