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My husband spends more on slay queens than his constituents – MP’s wife

A Member of Parliament in Ghana who is seeking for a re-election in his constituency has been exposed by his wife. The wife who is not happy about the MP’s performance in the constituency detailed how her husband has done nothing for his constituents.

According to the wife, her husband instead of embarking on developmental projects in his constituency, spends the money on two slay queens even though she has evidence as basis to divorce him, she has has chosen to play along for their children’s sake.

“I find it difficult to understand how he can go to the electorates to convince them to vote for him again. The amount of money from his other account that he has been giving to two women I know he is sleeping with is more than any project he’s ever done in his constituency. I have had him followed for some time and have gathered a lot of evidence to stand on to divorce him. But like every other woman in my shoes, I am being tactical because of our children,” she revealed about the MP (name withheld).

She disclosed that her husband uses the name of God in his campaigns alot but he’s not God-fearing.


“Why are men bold to lie and cheat? Why are public officials deceptive and opportunists?” She quizzed in her confidential message sent to relationship advisor David Bondze-Mbir.

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