Many say the world is gradually coming to its inevitable end because of the barbaric deeds of some people. Well, a sad story obtained from Ghanaian media personality, Tima Kumkum has detailed one of these evil deeds done to an innocent wife.

The wife who is frustrated with the unfortunate turn of events has announced some bizarre things materializing in her marriage as she begs Ghanaians for advice on how she should cope with her cheating husband.

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According to the wife whose identity has been concealed, her woes begun after her husband introduced her to his supposed cousin in the United Kingdom (UK). She added that after the said introduction she and his cousin got along very well after they exchanged contacts.

She explains that she felt connected to the cousin in the UK after she found out that she was a single mother with a child who is 7 years old. she went on to clarify that her attraction to her was because of the lady’s bravery and ability to raise a child on her own.

However, things in their relationship took a different turn after the husband informed her that the cousin in the UK was joining them in Ghana.

They had been happy together for some time until she noticed that the cousin who joined them from the UK was pregnant. She tried to find out who the lucky man was, however since the lady is a grown woman she couldn’t pressure to find out who was responsible.

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It was until the husband’s best friend contacted her that he has something urgent to tell her. To her surprise, the man revealed that her husband is the man responsible for his cousin’s pregnancy and the father of the lady’s 7-year-old child.

She went on to do investigations of her own only to find out that’s what the husband’s best friend said was true.

According to the wife, she also figured out that the husband was in no way related to his supposed cousin. The lady was just his side chick and he had lied to her (the wife) to just bring his baby mama to stay in their matrimonial home.

She says she feels like dying and hasn’t been able to sleep since Monday, April 12th, 2021.

Watch the video below:

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