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My greatest fear is to lose fame – Kuami Eugene

Award-winning singer, Kwame Eugene has shared his greatest fear with fans.

According him, waking up one day and not being recognized by his fans as rockstar is his greatest fear in life.

He revealed these things on Joy Prime’s The Doreen Avio Show.

“Waking up one morning and realizing I’m not this rockstar is my biggest dread.” Imagine that when I walk to the mall after waking up, no one exclaims, “Rockstar.” I’ll check to see whether I had a restless night. I mean, I frequently receive the question: Don’t you feel tired when people are always grabbing at your leg? You’re not allowed to join us in the wait any more, are you? That’s my job, I said.He inquires, “Do you suppose I’d like to get by without being recognized like you?”

Will you choose fame over having nothing in your pocket if the money will buy me the fame? That will probably be the worst experience I’ve ever had. You’ll be incredibly well-liked and well-known worldwide, but you must choose Uber. Is this Kuami Eugene, or has the Rockstar’s car got a problem? The driver will be asking themselves, “He remarked.”