My father even calls me useless – Disabled lady looking for love on Date Rush shares sad story

A beautiful Ghanaian lady with a physical disability who appeared on Date Rush show over the weekend to find love shared a sad story.

The lady identified as Irene, confined to a wheelchair threw light on how her family has made life unbearable for her. Narrating her sad story, Irene disclosed that her father has abandoned her for the past ten years.

29-year-old Irene speaking with Giovani said: “Giovani, I’m here for love and also here for help. My story is things are not moving forward for me the way I want in my life, especially on my father’s side. They think nothing is in me because of how I am.” 

Irene continued to share, on the show, how her father decided to desert her because of her disability.

Even my father asked what benefit he could get from me. These words break my heart and make me cry daily, but God is my strength.”

Date Rush is a dating reality show meant to connect single ladies to single gentlemen in Ghana. The Show has become one of the most talked-about TV Shows in Ghana and one to look forward to every Sunday evening.

In the show, a gentleman is shown in a video, telling the ladies and the viewers who he is and what he does. The ladies are then allowed to either keep their rush on for the gentlemen or keep it off. Keeping a rush on means the ladies are interested in the man.

If there are ladies still interested in the guy, they proceed to the next stage where the gentleman is meant to share reasons why they are single and what he is looking for in his dream partner. The ladies are then presented with the chance again to either keep “their rush on or put them off”. It continues in that order till the man finds a date.

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