Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, Adu Sarfowaah has clapped back at Afia Schwarzenegger.

The social media banter between the two celebrities reignited after Afia alleged in an interview with Abeiku Santana on “Atuu” program that she would have sent Safowaah to court tor sharing her (Afia) n@kedness on social media if not the intervention of her family members.

It would be recalled that Afia and Safowaah were engaged in a heated scandal where Afia masterminded the arrest of Safowaah for sharing her nudes online.

In a recent interview, Afia claimed that she allowed Safowaah to go scot-free after several deliberations and an apology from her family.

As usual, Adu Safowaah has clapped back at the self-acclaimed queen of Ghana comedy.

According to Safowaah, her noble family never begged Afia and all the allegations she leveled against her in the interview were false.

She revealed in an Instagram post that Afia is battling HIV and will soon leave the world.

Safowaah also dropped some wild allegations against the mother of twins.

She wrote;

Abena Agyeiwaa Fufu funu, I feel your pain. Dying with HIV aids is not easy.

My family never begged you. God forbid a Noble family like mine will turn to beg A woman thief & dogs S*x mate.

The guy never bought you a Car, He helped you with your bastard kids with no father school fees sometimes … The only time he gave you good money was when you vomitted or defecated on yourself after hard alcohol and wee intake and doctors predicted a bad health condition of you.

You never arrested me…. Thief Valentina …. Stop urinating on bed and making your house help finger you. Remember your VJ LENGTH IS preventing fraud boys d*ck penetration…
Your video you took of me … will take u to JAIL SOME DAY… pray you die then.

Listen to her below;