My daughter was not knocked by the school bus-Lilwin has said after news about the accident went viral.

The driver of Lilwin’s “Great Minds International” school bus was rumoured to have killed a 5 year old girl belonging to lilwin whiles picking up students of the school for school earlier yesterday’s morning.

According to Adom News, the unfortunate accident happened on wednesday morning when one of the school busses of the Great Minds International School was moving around picking students to school in the township of offinso.

But in an interview with wontumi radio lilwin confirmed the accident but denied the deceased was his child.

The famous actor however refuted claims that the accident was the fault of the driver’s.

“The driver made sure that he had dropped off all the pupils on board only to realize as he moved the vehicle that he had ran over an object which happened to be one of the pupils of the school. Nobody could tell how the girl found her way under the bus to be crashed.,”

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