A young beautiful woman has taken to a radio station to expose her Italy-based boyfriend by revealing a sensitive request he always makes whenever she asked him for money for the upkeep of their child.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Akoma FM, the woman disclosed that her boyfriend asks for phone s³x any time she asks for money for herself and their kid’s upkeep.

Detailing how they have the s³x electronically, the lady said she fingers herself and moans to satisfy the man during a video call.

“I always apply the pomade on my finger, slide it into my private region, and flip the phone while he watches me do it,” she said.

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In other news, Ghanaian rapper, Strongman has said in an interview that he dislikes Shatta Wale and doesn’t understand why the dancehall singer has never said a good thing about him.

My boyfriend in Italy always demands phone s.³x before he gives me money for my child — Woman reveals

According to the Kumasi-based rapper, he is still confused and would like to know why the self-acclaimed dancehall king in Ghana always criticizes him because he has not thrown shots at him in the industry.

“Shatta despises me, and I despise him.” As a result, we aren’t cool. I’ve never seen or heard him say anything positive about me” he stated.

The “beef monger” continued “The fans are aware, so we all know what’s going on,” the “beef monger” continued. “It’s not a big problem, and I’ve accepted it in good faith.” I’m sure he’ll mention me and give it to me whenever he talks.”

Strongman added reiterated that he dislikes the multiple award-winning musician because he too dislikes him that’s why Shatta Wale has never said any positive thing about him.

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