My Biological Father Nearly Rape Me

Some male adults who were molested during their childhood tend to see such behavior as normal which leads to harming them mentally to destroy their adulthood.

Npndumisp Geb Ebihle from South Africa shares her story of her biological father attempting to rape her. 

She tweet;

“The day my own biological father told me that he is sexually attracted to me and went on to say he even dreams about us making up. This was 2018, we were driving together. 2 years later he went on to rape my sister, his biological daughter. So it’s 2018 June holidays I’m visiting home from varsity. The was gonna be a ceremony at home so my stepmother asked me to take care of the shop since she will be busy at home. My father would pick me up in the evening once the shop is closed.

This other day my father comes to pick me up. Business was great that day so I jokingly say to him, “let’s drive off and go spend this money” to which he replies and say, “but where are we gonna go?” I said, “anywhere, we could just take a drive and book ourselves at a B&B”.

So me saying we can book at a B&B made him think that I wanna do dirty things with him. This man said to me, “but what will they say at home when they hear that we were booked at a B&B” ♀️like dude ain’t you my father?

I was very uncomfortable and felt bad for even suggesting that even though it was a joke. 2 days later in the morning I had just had a bath, I was half naked. He badges in my room looking for Vaseline. He saw that I was literally wearing only my panties but proceeded to walk in I was so mad and he saw that I was angry.

Later he comes to pick me up again and ask me to accompany him somewhere and I refused and asked him to take me home

mainly because I wasn’t happy with the recent events that have been occurring. He didn’t take me home. He drove of with me without my consent. We get to the petrol station, he sends me to buy stuff and then he drives back home.

[i]On our way home he asked me why was I mad when he walk in my room? I was like, “because I was naked and you could have at least knocked”. He was like, “it’s not like you have anything that I don’t know” I got the shock of my life. At that time I was..” She writes. 

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