MPs shamefully throw blows in Parliament over E-levy bill [WATCH]

Ghanaian Members of Parliament in the late hours of Monday, December 21, 2021 exchanged blows during the voting on controversial electronic levy (E-levy) bill in Parliament.

The fight between Minority and Majority caucuses ensued after presiding Speaker, Joe Osei-Owusu attempted to leave the chair to cast his vote on whether the E-levy should be considered or not.

The Minority Caucus led by Haruna Iddrisu got infuriated and prevented him from voting.

According to the NDC lawmakers, the standing orders of the house do not allow Speaker of Parliament to cast vote during decision making but Joe Wise indicated that he would still vote.

A video sighted online captures some members of the Minority caucus exchanging blows with their colleagues on the majority side while some officials in the House tried to separate them and protect the Speaker’s seat from being attacked.

The Minority caucus had earlier vowed to kick against the implementation of the electronic levy.

Watch the video below