Mother shocked after catching his son and his g@y partner ‘chopping’ themselves (VIDEO)

A video capturing a massive drama that ensued between a worried mother, her son, and another unidentified man has sparked a lot of concerns as the footage goes viral on social media.

The woes of this concerned mother began after she maneuvered on a hunch and caught her son red-handed engaging in homos£xuality with another unknown man in her bedroom.

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Sources relayed that the mother after harboring a suspicion that her son up to no good she hid a CCTV camera in her room to monitor what he has been doing with his male friends.

As soon as her son brought a male friend into his room, she monitored them for a while then burst into the room, Lo and behold, she saw her son in action.

It is very surprising and undefinable how many people are engaging themselves in homo$£xual acts, homo$£xuals are in records day by day and it’s getting out of hands.

Watch the video below: