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Monetize your n.ude content — Yvonne Nelson tells Abena Korkor

Ghanaian actress cum movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has sent a piece of advice to socialite Abena Korkor.

The renowned actress advised Abena Korkor to monetize her n.ude content and stop showing it for free.

The mental health advocate has been trending on social media following the release of her naked photos and videos.

The raunchy photos and videos garnered a lot of reactions on social media with a section calling for her arrest.

But Yvonne, who believes that social media isn’t a safe space to operate, has asked Korkor to create an Onlyfans page for her adult content.

“If it is something she wants to do professionally, I believe there are websites and avenues like Onlyfans, where she can commercialize and make money from them. She shouldn’t be showing all 0f these for free,” she stated during a discussion on United Showbiz.

While others think Abena Korkor should be arrested for publishing obscene materials in public, Yvonne Nelson thinks that she is an adult and should be allowed to take control of her life.


“I feel like we don’t have the right to talk about anyone in that manner. She is an adult and its just that the content she puts out are adult content. She has family and her family members should be the ones concerned about these things. We are in no position to judge her,” she added.

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