Mona Gucci cleverly hits hard at Kwame A Plus again

Kantanka Tv presenter Mona Gucci has replied Kwame A Plus after he subtlely fired up allegations against her in Instagram post yesterday.

In the post, A Plus hinted that Mona Gucci is like British media personality, Piers Morgan who loves to criticise, yet, she becomes angry when others criticise her.

The descriptions A Plus gave fits Mona even though didnt mention her name. The two of them started having grudges after their ‘clash’ on UTV’s United Showbiz a few weeks ago.

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In his post, A Plus wrote: “@piersmorgan will attack and criticise everybody but can’t take same. He is like my sister bi.

She will be on a show talking about everybody including how a dog slept with somebody etc and even call hardworking ladies slay queens but if you ask her a very simple question she get angry.

If I mention her name she will say I’m broke and fall out with me so you it’s ok. Let me go and find money 💰😂😂😂😂😂 sister sister 👍🏿👍🏿😅😅 😅”

Not leaving anything to chance, An hour after A Plus’ post, Mona Gucci also took to her Instagram handle to also reply indirectly.

In her post, she wrote that she’ll use her happiness to oppress her hater.

“🤣🤣🤣Dear hater…I swear to God I will oppress u with my happiness”, she wrote.