Moment man was sh0t de@d after he tried to snatch gun from security officer

A young man has met his untimely de@th after he tried to fight a security officer for his gun in public.

The video sees the suspected criminal approaching the security personnel who held on to his gun and was guarding a place that looks like a mall.

The unfortunate incident captured by CCTV saw the young man running towards the security officer to snatch his gun and before he could get a hold of it, the officer pulled the trigger.

Watch the video below;


In other news, a viral video sighted online captures moment a young man confronted a lady believed to be his girlfriend after finding her having good times with another man.

According to report, the incident happened at a bar in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The video sees the young man asking his girlfriend “what are you doing here?” as a man tried to calm him down.

After the video went viral, a lot of social media users slammed the lady over her cheating attitude.

Watch the video below;