Moment ‘angry’ Daddy Lumba stops a fan from spraying money on him on stage [WATCH]

A video sighted online captures moment Daddy Lumba lost his cool after a fan attempted to spray cash on him while performing.

In the viral video, a man and a woman could be seen showering the singer with wads of cash.

Clad in a two-piece blue kaftan, the man appeared to spray the money directly on Lumba’s head and stamped some of the notes on his forehead.

He then wrapped his hands around Lumba’s shoulders and sang along into his microphone.

Obviously, Lumba felt uncomfortable with the obsessed fan’s conduct and had to repulse him with his palm from further getting close but it seems that was not enough warning.

Moments later, the fan tried to spray more cash on the singer who now got infuriated and yelled at him for interrupting his performance.

His strong opposition to the man caught the attention of organizers who hopped on stage to salvage the situation.

Meanwhile the footage has stirred mixed reactions among internet users.

Watch the video below ;


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