Born-again Christian Moesha Buduong is in the news after reports of her attempting to jump from an unfinished structure to end her life trended on social media.

Moesha Buduong, who has just repented, has recounted some of her s3x for money experiences as she has counseled young girls while preaching the Gospel in an unfinished structure.

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The actress, after devoting her life to Jesus Christ has opened up on her past life, made some confessions and spoke up about the risks that young women like her face when they sleep with powerful men for money.

Well, outspoken actress Regina Adu Safowaah says a prophet has revealed that Moesha will d!e before September.

Speaking in an interview, Safowaah said the Prophet disclosed Moesha has less than two months to live but according to her, that will never happen.

Watch the video below;

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