Moesha Boduong challenges Hajia Bintu , joins #Bussitchallenge (Video)

Moesha Boduong challenges Hajia Bintu, joins #Bussitchallenge with a video to show her seniority.

The challenge between Hajia Bintu and Moesha would go on for a very long time till one succumbs to the pressure from the other

Amazingly, they both have hit songs to their names and are very popular.

Hajia Bintu is known for having a very huge b#ttock but not comparable to that of Moesha Budong.

Hajia Bintudrops photo to show her backside properly

In the same sense, Moesha Budong also has very wider hips and b#ttocks and is more people than Hajia Bimtu.

Moesha Boduong challenges Hajia Bintu , joins #Bussitchallenge (Video)

The ‘Buss It‘ challenge started in January of 2021 and shows participants all glammed up when Erica Banks’ song starts playing.

In the new video shared by Moesha Budong, she could also be seen shaking her massive assets while dancing to the Buss It song.

Have a look at the video below.

Meanwhile, BBNaija Star Ella goes nak£d, puts her br£ast on display.

Born Victoria “Ella” Nnabuchi and proving to be a good student of the industry, a popular BBNaija star known as Ella Nnabuchi has shared a video of herself topless showing her boobs as she practically strips to her panty.

The 30-year-old who was a runner up in season 5 of MTN Project Fame West Africa, decided to bless her audience with a sneak peek of her bosoms after she hopped onto the #Bussit challenge.