Model dies while undergoing butt enlargement surgery in Columbia.

This procedure is sometimes combined with fat grafting for maximum results. It takes up to four weeks to recover from buttock surgery. has come across a very sad incident where a lady again lost her life while undergoing the procedure.

An Instagram and OnlyFans model called the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” has reportedly died following a botched butt lift surgery in Colombia.

According to The U.S. Sun, Instagram model Joselyn Cano was reported dead by a fellow influencer this week and it was later reported she died following a botched butt lift in Columbia on Dec. 7.

Cano had built a loyal following on Instagram, with her main page attracting 12 million followers.

The model’s family has not publicly commented on Cano’s reported death, but held a virtual screening of her funeral in Corona, California on YouTube overnight Wednesday.

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A message played during the livestream that read: “Joselyn entered this life on Wednesday, March 14, 1990. She entered into Eternal Life on Monday, December 07, 2020.”

News of the Instagram model’s death via botched butt lift was broken by many across the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

“There seems to be conflicting reports since late last night, hopefully it’s not true.. Her Onlyfans account was active earlier today. I haven’t really [seen] much confirmation anywhere else,” Twitter follower The Cosmetic Lane tweeted.

However, the account later followed up by saying “it’s true Joselyn Cano has passed after some complications after a BBL in Columbia [sic].”