Military arrest 25 members of Western Togoland group

Military arrest 25 members of Western Togoland group after they had caused mayhem this morning.

The arrest was made by the Ghana Armed Force and the Ghana Police Service at Abortia near Joapong where they had earlier mounted their roadblock.

The western Togo land secessionist, have mounted roadblocks and barriers, today on the Kpong–Akosombo road and others leading to the Volta Region to prevent the movement of vehicles, claiming they own the territory.


According to a source, these secessionists in some area has reportedly captured and detained 3 policemen.

There are also reports of attacks on a number of police posts amidst the burning of tyres.Update: 2 shot after Western Togo land group initiate a gunfight

“The Western Togoland members have blocked all the roads in the Volta region. We don’t know what is going on because we are unable to go close to them.  There are some navy personnel around. We have left our buses to go to Sogakope. We do not know what will happen amidst the gunshots the people are firing”, one of the stranded travellers told Citi News.