Midnight robbery: Sad Freda Rhymz reveals how 4 men attäck & rob her

Ghanaian rapper and singer Freda Rhymz recently made a comeback to the music scene after years of hiatus. However, in her new song ‘Questions,’ she revealed that she had been robbed and left with anxiety, which led to her decision to take a break from music.

The renowned rapper detailed that, some four me barged into her room around 2:30 am on a particular day and took away her Macbook laptop, phones, sound system, television, money, and any valuables they could lay their hands on. She was alone at the time, and one of the guys even held her by the neck during the robbery. Despite the terrifying experience, Freda managed to escape without being sexually assaulted by screaming for help.

“We live in a crazy society, I was in my room and they broke into my room, I remember I was in my nightie, they took everything and left with me anxiety,” she said.

Freda’s encounter with these 4 men left her with anxiety, which led to her hiatus from music. She mentioned that the incident was a scary moment and urged people to be vigilant, considering the state of society.

Fortunately, former BAM music signee is now back in the music scene and continues to make waves with her music.