Men of God prophesying victory for Mahama are fake – Osei Kofi Elijah

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Founder and leader of Springs of Grace and Power Embassy International, Prophet Osei Kofi Elijah has said that men of God predicting victory for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the upcoming general elections are fake prophets.

According to the man of God, predicting the winner of elections should come from heavyweight Prophets but not these new and little preachers who have not grown in the ministry.


“Some of the people who are predicting Mahama’s victory in 2020 are light. They are not heavy. Some of these jobs you need to leave it for the experienced and heavyweights to do it.” When asked if he was talking about Nigel Gaisie he said: ” I’ve not mentioned Nigel Gaisie’s name and it’s not only him who has said Mahama will win, a lot of people have predicted that Mahama will win”.

Prophet Osei went on to say that “there are predictions and if he has predicted that’s fine but they shouldn’t say it is the mind of God. If you say that sayeth the Lord and I’m see that what these people did to do something but they’ve not done it…”

He went on to say that when change is coming, people see it coming warning that the politicial parties who listen to prophercies should be very careful.

“In 2016, the fever of Nana Addo was all over the country and through the viral marketing when Nana Addo even sip Kalypo it increased sales of kalypo. Even today, when Nana Addo says Fellow Ghanaians, people design it in dresses and wear it. So if the man is going to win the elections we should smell it. If change is coming won’t you see it? When someone is predicting, the political parties need to be careful”.