Julia Pastrana also known as ‘bear woman’ is described as the most “ugliest” woman in the world. The woman is said to have link between humankind and the “ape woman”.

Julia Pastrana hails from Mexico, born in 1834. She was abandoned by the parents due to her physical appearance because it is dehumanizing.

Julia who had strange looks got married to her manager in the 1850s at a secret place and later disclosed that she got married secretly because she had to turn down over 20 marriage proposals due to the low financial status of the men who approached her.

Julia Pastrana grew to 4 feet and 5 inches tall and all her body was covered up with hair. She had large nose and jaw with abnormal size of lips and gums.

See her photo below;

Meet the 'ugliest' woman in the world who had over 20 marriage proposals