McBrown is hypocrite, she has hurt a lot of people but they’re afraid to come out – Lady exposes McBrown

Ghanaian actress and television show host, Nana Ama McBrown is trending on the internet after a social media user launched an attack on her.

According to an Instagram user kay_verdy, the host of Onua Showtime is a bad person who hides behind her smiles to deceive Ghanaians.

The lady alleged that McBrown has caused a lot of pain to some people but they’re afraid to come out because of the massive support Ghanaians have for the actress.

She noted she has worked with McBrown and experienced her in different forms and she can bet that Ghanaians don’t really know Nana Ama McBrown.

This comes after media personality Sally Mann attacked Nana Ama McBrown.

I dunno whether to comment this or pass coz I know a lot of people will not like it and might come at me. First of all Sally was so wrong in comparing who gave birth naturally or not even if she’s angry or hurt,she could have controlled her emotions and not say so coz in the end, God gave both of them the children. Secondly, 98 percent of people on Instagram don’t know mcbrown well and sometimes it breaks my heart when people get attacked coz of guys if only you knew the mcbrown we knew before Instagram if you knew what and How’s she’s hurt people, you’ll realise afia shwasneger is probably a Saint. Most of the actresses are only nice to her on the face but she’s really hurt people and her hypocrisy is top notch. I’m one of her victims but I don’t hate her at all truth is she’s masked a lot of people and people jump to her defense no matter what so people aren’t able to come out to say their experiences with her

McBrown is hypocrite, she has hurt a lot of people but they're afraid to come out - Lady exposes McBrown

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