McBrown hails Evangelist Suro Nyame, advises him not to deceive God [WATCH]

Ghanaian actress and television host, Nana Ama McBrown has been making headlines for the past few weeks following her media institution switch. She resigned from UTV to join Onua TV, a subsidiary of Media General.

A few days ago, the renowned TV personality announced her much-anticipated show which will be premiered on Sunday, April 30.

As part of the preparations for the premiere, the screen goddess has made a tour of Media General’s stations to officially introduce her show.

Her tour took her to Onua TV where she met street gospel preacher, Evangelist Suro Nyame who was in the studios with Captain Smart.

McBrown encouraged the evangelist to keep up the good work.

“I know you from TikTok. You are working hard. Don’t deceive God. You are doing the right thing. Don’t change your mind,” she said

Evangelist Suro Nyame, unlike the street preachers, has a dreadlock and dresses ‘a gangster’ and boldly proclaims Jesus’ word to the people.

In recent times, the maverick man of God has channeled his energy and focused his radar on those in the Ghetto.

According to him in multiple preaching moments captured on video, Ghetto boys and thugs are also important to God but modern-day preachers fail to speak the truth and involve them.

He describes these so-called men of God as ‘Stomach Pastors’ giving reasons that they are only concerned about what they’ll gain from the congregation instead of serving them with the true gospel.

As a result of this, Evangelist Suro Nyame has started a strong campaign to bring people, especially the youth who have been neglected by society due to their addictions and lifestyles to God.

Checkout the video below;

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