Marry your fellow men if you think women have nothing to bring to the table – Lady boldly states

A young beautiful Ghanaian lady identified as Jennifer Amartei has emphatically stated that men should halt asking the question “what women bring to the table” when it comes to relationships or marriage.

The question that always sparked debate on social media implies that women always contribute less in relationships or marriages.

According to Jennifer, if men think women have nothing to offer in marriage then they should marry their fellow men to avoid unnecessary drama.

Her comments have garnered a lot of reactions on social media with many especially her fellow women applauding her for speaking up for them.

Many women have taken to social media to share their own stories of being asked what they bring to the table, and how it has made them feel undervalued and marginalized. Others have praised Amartei for speaking out and standing up for herself and other women.

The conversation around gender equality and women’s rights has been growing in recent years, with many advocating for greater recognition of women’s contributions in all aspects of life. Amartei’s statement is just one example of this movement, and her words have inspired many to continue pushing for change.

Watch the video below;